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Local Mission Evolution, Star Bartenders at Home

[Photo: Flickr/kennejima]

THE MISSION — Local Mission Eatery (3111 24th St.) is getting a new menu and prices may be a little lower. Construction for Local Mission Market (2660 Harrison) is underway, but don't expect it to open in the first half of 2013. [ISSF]

BOOZEWIRE — The home setups of several of SF's "rock star bartenders" are predictably very impressive. Among those given the Cribs-style treatment are Jamal Blake-Williams of Tipsy Pig, Erik Ellestad of Heaven's Dog, and Bryan Ranere of Foreign Cinema. [The Bold Italic]

THE MISSION EXTRA — A one-year ban on new restaurants on Valencia Street is being considered. C.W. Nevius says, "you can't put a moratorium on progress," while his colleague Paolo Lucchesi has identified an astonishing 11 new restaurants that have opened over three blocks of Valencia since last year. [SFGate]

LISTICLES — Food critic Anna Roth names the local foods she'd like to eat if tomorrow is her last day on Earth. She thought about tasting menus at The French Laundry or Coi, but ultimately settled on, among other bites, an apple fritter from Bob's Donuts (1621 Polk). [SFoodie]

Foreign Cinema

2534 Mission Street, , CA 94110 (415) 648-7600 Visit Website

Local Mission Market

2660 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 795-3355 Visit Website

Local Mission Eatery

3111 24th St., San Francisco, CA

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