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San Francisco Baking Institute In Danger of Closing

Slow Food bread snail.
Slow Food bread snail.
Photo: SFBI

You may not have heard of Michel Suas or the San Francisco Baking Institute. But if you've ever eaten good bread, chances are you've benefitted from his work. Suas, also known as "the breadmakers' guru," has worked with chefs like Alice Waters and Thomas Keller. He's consulted with bakeries like La Brea, Grace, and Acme. And SFBI, the school he founded in 1996, has trained thousands of students in the art of artisan baking.

That school is now in danger of closing, and is asking the community for help.

A change in state law has required SFBI to reapply for its license, and while the school waits for the government's approval, it has been ordered to cease all operations. According to SFBI, the school will be unable to survive if forced to shut down for what could be several months. If that happens, almost 30 employees and interns will be out of work and all incoming students will be out of luck.

If you'd like to help save SFBI, sign their petition to stay open here. Alumni and those with personal connections to the Institute are encouraged to share their stories by emailing them to