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Tataki Team Drops An Izakaya At 299 Valencia

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The Mission's 299 Valencia condo development was completed in July, and today Eater hears about the hotness planning to move in to the ground level restaurant space. A 40-seat unnamed izakaya from the owners of Tataki , Raymond Ho and Kin Lui, will be wrapping up its building permit in January, and the hopeful opening window is June. The restaurant will have a menu heavy in the yakitori department, no sushi.

Alan Tse is on design, planning to make use of the 15-foot-ceilings to create a striking pitched roof structure inside. Tse also designed Drake and Kare Ken in the Tenderloin, and he says the design will fall in step with the latter, with deep color stained wood to mime the traditional culture and aesthetic of many restaurants in Japan. The condos at 299 Valencia are sold out, so hopefully this means a nice built-in customer base flowing in from above.

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Future Izakaya

380 14th Street, San Francisco, CA