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All About Stuffed, The Pierogi Spot Headed To Mission

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A new a pierogi spot called Stuffed will be going in on Mission Street from first time restaurant owners Dana Sacco and her boyfriend Andy Schoengrund. Although a restaurant devoted entirely to potato-stuffed dumplings, sounds a bit far-fetched, Sacco says they're a thing all over the Midwest, and she's already been making and selling her "San Francisco spin" on pierogies off-the-radar at Mission bars, developing quite a following for months now.

Sacco, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, was "working in the Middle East" until she decided to move to San Francisco for a career switch, and Schoengrund, a native of Madison, WI, is in the band Wolvhammer. The pair are chasing their roots, modeling Stuffed around a Midwest theme. For example, they're trying to stock Burning River Pale Ale and other never-before-in-SF, Midwest beers.

Decor-wise, they've fully gutted the former Mission Sub, thank goodness, and they're going to put a long oak wooden bar along one wall, playing into the narrow, shotgun orientation of the space. There will be bar-style seating outside, in the sidewalk gated area, and a raised wooden booth in the back of the space. They've got the man who designed McTeague's bar doing all the workmanship. The finished product will sport the original dark hardwood floors, and walls painted to "a nice light shade."

The early menu draft below will give you an idea how these San Francisco pierogies play out, and do note that there will be brunch, including egg benedict pierogies on Saturday and Sunday.

Traditional Pierogi: potato, farmer's cheese, cheddar cheese. Served with onions and sour cream. Bacon wrapped option.
Veggie Pierogi: potato, portabella mushroom, spinach, goat cheese. Served with parmesan cheese sauce or pesto sauce.
Pulled Pork Pierogi: seasoned slow cooked pork with walnut butter sauce and fontina cheese.
Salmon Pierogi: potato with cream cheese, smoked salmon. Served with butter and lemon juice sauce and dill.
Lamb Pierogi: ground lamb with Mediterranean spices with a goat cheese center. Spinach dough, and served with hummus sauce.
Spicy Buffalo Pierogi: potato with blue cheese pan fried in spicy buffalo wing sauce.

Breakfast: pierogi topped with eggs Benedict with plain potato or chorizo potato fillings. Bacon wrapped option.

Sides: cheese- and potato-stuffed jalapenos, cheese- and potato-stuffed mini bell peppers

· Stuffed, a New Pierogi Spot, Coming to Mission and 24th [GrubStreet]


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