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Belly Burger Pop-Up Window, Crab Strike

Beast and The Hare. [Photo: Flickr/Homeboodle]

THE MISSION — After having success with The Window, Outrageous Food's Tom Pizzica is starting to sling his bodaciously good Belly Burgers out of another window, this time at Beast and The Hare (1001 Guerrero). He'll be there every weekend from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. starting this weekend. [EaterWire]

CRABS! — Bad news: Lots of potentially delicious Dungeness crabs are currently not being caught. The members of the local Crab Boat Owners Association are protesting the potential cut of sales from $3 per pound to just $1.80 and no boats are currently going out in Half Moon Bay, Bodega Bay, and San Francisco. [SFGate]

RICHMOND — Chapeau! (126 Clement) is taking over the space next door. It will be about twice its current size after a brief remodel requiring a closure of a few weeks in the spring. [ISSF]

POP-UPS — Schmendricks Bagels is taking a break just as it is getting skewered by a noted New York critic. Village Voice scribe Robert Sietsema finds nothing authentic about this venture. [Grub Street]

Beast and The Hare

1001 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 821 1001 Visit Website

Beast and The Hare

1001 Guerrero, San Francisco, CA