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Hillside Supper Club Will Go Permanent In January

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Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton.
Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton.
Photo: Bernalwood

Hillside Supper Club main man Tony Ferrari writes today to say that he and business partner Jonathan Sutton have signed a lease at Caffe Cozzolino, where they've been staging pop-ups for the past year or so. Now, Cozzolino's owners of 30 years are ready to pass the torch to the next generation, and thanks to Kickstarter, and loads of Bernal Heights' support, they'll open as a full-time restaurant on January 23, with a slightly scaled up version of their regular, changing fixed price menus of "rustic California fare."

Screen%20shot%202012-12-06%20at%2012.20.54%20PM.pngThe last Hillside Supper Club pop-ups will take place on the 17th and 18th of this month. Then there will be one more final hurrah on New Year's Eve. Ferrari and Sutton will take the first two weeks of January to do a remodel of the space. They'll turn the loft space upstairs into a communal dining area, add a Redwood bar, redo the bathrooms, add two beer taps, and repaint everything. The decor will encompass light walls, dark charcoal wood beams and tinted Mason jars used as sconces on the walls.

The neighborhood will get six nights of Hillside Supper Club per week: every night except Tuesday, and eventually, weekend brunch will be tacked on too. Ferrari adds that there will be a small list of five bottled microbrews, in addition to the two beers on tap, and Jonathan Waters of Chez Panisse is helping them curate a solid list of neighborhood-friendly West Coast wines.

Caffe Cozzolino. [Photo: Flickr]

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