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Fernet%20Grub.jpgGrub Street compiles a list of the 101 best and newest desserts in the country, a must-read for any sweet-toothed restaurant lover out there. Included in the San Francisco section are the Fernet float at Park Tavern, the pineapple cream pie from Prospect, the peanut-muscovado milk with milk chocolate sesame crunch at State Bird Provisions, and Sons & Daughters' osmanthus cake. [GrubStreet]

Prospect Restaurant

300 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 415 247 7770 Visit Website

Sons & Daughters

Powell Street, , CA 94108 (415) 994-7933 Visit Website

Park Tavern

1652 Stockton Street, , CA 94133 (415) 989-7300 Visit Website

State Bird Provisions

1529 Fillmore Street, , CA 94115 (415) 795-1272 Visit Website