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What To Expect from Alamo Drafthouse's Big New Mission Theater Revamp, Hint: It's Dinner Time

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After meeting with the Historic Preservation Committee on Wednesday, Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League drafted this heartfelt explanation about his plans for a "full and complete historic preservation" of the New Mission Theater, turning it into a five-screen movie theater and dining venue. He's also shared a bunch of photos of the inside of the space as it stands today. It shows a lot of tagging, but more importantly, many of the details and light fixtures are fairly well preserved. Legend says the project here in San Francisco is much like his revamp of The Ritz in Austin to create his flagship location. Classic, indie, and foreign films will be shown, along with live events.

Beyond films, there will be beer, food, and even "Food & Film Events" where dinner options match the theme of a movie—like showing Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day along with a four course meal that uses the same four ingredients in different ways for each dish.

With the Kabuki Cinemas' bar, and The Roxie's new license to serve beer and wine, this will make the third San Francisco movie venue serving booze. Unlike the other venues, at The Drafthouse your order is actually brought to you while you're sitting down.

As can be gathered from the gallery, a debut on the completed, revamped theater is still a long way off, and—as League puts it, there are —"many permitting and planning hurdles ahead of us."

Want to get to know Tim League better? Watch Eater National's video of him giving a talk at Google.

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Alamo Drafthouse at the New Mission

2550 Mission St., San Francisco, CA