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Hottest Chef Round 1, Heat 2: Werner, Mangieri, Piscopo, Moriarty

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From left: William Werner, Anthony Mangieri, Paul Piscopo, Teague Moriarty. [Photo: courtesy of Facebook, GrubStreet, The W Hotel, Sons & Daughters]

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgWelcome to Round 1, Heat 2 of Eater's Annual Hottest Chefs Competition. In yesterday's race to the finish, Brandon Jew came out of the gate strong, only to be eclipsed by Anthony Strong, and then underdog David Kurtz eeked out a win in the final moments. Kurtz, congratulations, you'll advance to Round 2.

Moving on to today's face off: Contest fixture William Werner of Outfit Generic is pitted against hot pizza whisperer Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza Napoletana, contest newcomer Paul Piscipo of Trace at the W Hotel and Teague Moriarty of Sons & Daughters. The hottest of them all will join the upcoming winners of round one in the next set of heats. Voting begins now.

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Sons & Daughters

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Una Pizza Napoletana

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