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Bourbon & Branch Team's New Local Edition Bar, Daniel Patterson and David Chang Chef Rants

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591 Market St., future home of Local Edition.
591 Market St., future home of Local Edition.

EXPANSION WIRE - The Bourbon & Branch people are certainly in expansion mode, and the liquor license for Local Edition —their new spinoff project headed to a large underground space at 691 Market St. in the historic Hearst Building—has gone live on the ABC site this week. Co-owner Brian Sheehy tells Eater they are still "ages away" from getting to the real work on the space and are in the process of getting permits, etc. [EaterWire, GrubStreet]

LUCKY PEACH - Well look at that, Eater National has the Table of Contents for the next issue of Lucky Peach. It includes chef rants from Daniel Patterson and David Chang, an essay by Anthony Bourdain called "Eat, Drink, Fuck, Die," and some Mothers' Day recipes. Click on through to see what else is in store. [Eater National]

LISTICLE MADNESS - 7x7's Big Eat 2012 hit the interwebs today. Venga's beef empanadas, Bar Crudo's chowder and the Nojo sundae are among the new items on there, denoted with asterisks. Some people live for this list, so maybe you should have a look. [7x7]

EXPANSION WIRE EXTRA - EBX has the sad news that the Waffle Boss threw in the towel and sold his waffle maker to San Francisco chicken-and-waffle pop-up Angry Man Eats. The owner of downtown's Rico’s Diner is taking over the Boss' space at 4140 Telegraph with a plan to put in another Rico's there. [EBX]

Local Edition

691 Market St., San Francisco, CA