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The Eary Word on State Bird Provisions

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Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux

On New Year’s Eve, Rubicon vets Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski returned to restaurant land with their much-anticipated State Bird Provisions. Situated on an up-and-coming stretch of Fillmore, SBP offers whimsical New American plates served dim-sum style. According to the early word, most of the critics and food industry folk that have been there are raving, while some Chowhounders, Yelpers, and bloggers are left cold by the service and the decor. Here, listen to what all the early diners have to say about the first few weeks:

The Signature Dish News: Brioza developed this dish—a buttermilk-marinated, deep-fried quail—while at Rubicon; it gets mixed reviews from diners. Chowhound’s tjinsf claims the quail “tasted like chicken” and though it was “moist and juicy...coated beautifully and crisp... It had been de-quail [ed]” The Perfect Spot, agrees its delicious, deeming it “habit-forming” and a “must-order.” [Chowhound, The Perfect Spot]

The Menu News: Early guests’ assessments are all over the map with regard to other dishes. Foodhoe found the dumping bottoms “fetchingly crisped” and the broth “so flavorful that we asked for spoons to drink it up!” Taking a global stance, Virginia at The Perfect Spot states, “After multiple visits, I can’t recall a bad dish.” but Tom P. (Yelp) claims the sourdough pancakes were “doughy and undercooked.” [Yelp, Foodhoe, The Perfect Spot]

The Sweets News:The Compleat Omnivore has this to say about the pint-sized desserts: “Portion has been carefully considered—our dessert was at first, laughably tiny – but the richness of the rectangle of chocolate and tahini...was an intense plenty.” Yelp’s Deathandfoodb raved about the dark chocolate-pear 'ice cream' sandwich: “...the French Spouse, a horribly picky dessert person, loved every bite of it. I did too.” Chowhound's tjinsf says the "Highlights are 4 dollar desserts that are AMAZING..." [Compleat Omnivore, Yelp, Chowhound]

The Price News: Over at Chowhound, tjinsf writes, “With nothing over 20 dollars it's easy to think you are going to have a cheap meal are more like [sic] to end up spending 30-40 a person.” Brittney D. of Yelp had a similar concern: “I shouldn't arrive to a restaurant not too hungry, pay $45 and leave hungry two hours later.” The Perfect Spot sees things a bit differently: “the variety is amazing given the per person price (on my visits, $30-40 without drink).” [Chowhound, Yelp, The Perfect Spot]

The Crowd News: According to tjinsf, despite the “hipster decor...the clientele is a mix of more 30 and 40 years olds from neighborhoods north of the area.” [Chowhound]

The Service and Operations News: Virgina at The Perfect Spot offers an appreciative description of the service: “The spirit of jazz is present in their playful, dim sum-style presentation?” The Compleat Omnivore found decor and comfort “negligible,” stating that service was “a bit curt and extremely casual.” Of the serving method, 7x7 writes, “It's a really whimsical and fun idea, but I'm not sure it does the good food any favors. You barely get to relish what's in front of you before something else comes along.” [The Perfect Spot, The Compleat Omnivore, 7x7]

The How-To-Order News: The Foursquare tips so far: "Request the server choose desserts for you; yes, more than one," and "Slip the food runner a $20 and you'll eat very well." Finally, "Must try the glazed pork ribs!" [Foursquare]

The Unterman News: In last week's review, The Untermarvelous summed it up as "sensually surprising" with big praise for the "deep fried and juicy" quail. [Examiner]

The Twitastic News: @ Paola Briseño has "Pickled beef tongue at State Bird Provisions: "Like a filet mignon of bologna," @dotheant says "Delicious Trout from State Bird Provisions, a unique dining experience. Highly recommended. and CHOW's Roxanne Webber says "State Bird Provisions blew me away Saturday. Hot bone marrow as salad dressing. ACE hotel PDX ambiance. Cart/tray service made it fun!" [Twitter]
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State Bird Provisions

1529 Fillmore Street, , CA 94115 (415) 795-1272 Visit Website

State Bird Provisions

1529 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA

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