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Details On Cerveceria de MateVeza, Opening in the Castro Next Month

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The Planning Commission recently gave Cerveceria de MateVeza the ok to enter the old Lilah Belle's space on 18th and Church, and today founder/beer sommelier Jim Woods got the building permit approved. This puts the opening somewhere in the middle of March, so it's time to talk details. Woods says the small microbrewery space will serve as a creative test kitchen of sorts for their larger production out of Mendocino Brewing Co. in Ukiah. Visitors will get to sample the two latest beer creations produced out of the small 20 gallon system on site, along with three MateVeza beers brewed up north, and two guest beers from the likes of Moonlight Brewing Company and Marin Brewing Company.

Woods has also partnered with El Porteño to provide an extensive array of empanadas, and he's planning to fill out the menu with charcuterie, cheese plates and at least one more vegetarian-friendly offering.

The small 650-square-foot space has undergone a total revamp to convey an Argentine estancia feel, with tiling and large repurposed arch windows made into a curio cabinet for mate pots and other related paraphernalia. There are 20 seats total, divided amongst a large communal table and window seating. And for those on the run, a reach-in cooler will be filled with bottled MateVeza beers, guest beers and growlers of beers brewed on site.

Fun fact: all of MateVeza's beers are indeed brewed with yerba mate, which ends up packing about a half cup of coffee's worth of caffeine into a 12 oz. glass. Since the caffeine content is a natural result of the brewing process, MateVeza isn't subject to the law that took Four Loko off local shelves. Stay tuned for more as the opening approaches.

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Cerverceria de MateVeza

3801 18th St, San Francisco, CA