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Circolo To Close March 1, Morph Into Event Space

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Following a slew of pop-up dinners, networking and promotional events over the past weeks, Mission clubby restaurant Circolo has decided to close down dinner service for good on March 1. Taking the path of shuttered spots Orson and Cav, they'll morph into an event space. (Hopefully this will go better than those other two did.) According to director of operations, Brad Lev—who also runs the Studio Gourmet chef cooking demo series— Circolo's two on-site kitchens will be rented out as commissaries. Lev is currently vetting underground dinner candidates and pop-ups with a need for the space. Get a hold of him here if interested.

[UPDATE: From Lev via email: "On March 1st, Circolo will be transitioning our core business days from Wednesday to Sunday (currently Tuesday to Saturday) to launch operation "Tabula Rasa". This will accommodate the growing demand to host a variety of pop-ups and underground dining events on Monday and Tuesday. In addition, we will be opening up our 3,000 sq. ft. catering kitchen to provide food preparation and test menu services for food trucks and pop-up restaurateurs. Circolo's team will assist operators to scale their business productions while controlling operational costs in a code compliant commercial kitchen. If you are thinking of launching a pop-up event, or are interested to streamline your Food Truck Operation [sic], please let us know."

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500 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA

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