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Gold Dust Lounge Goes Twilight Zone

Gold Dust Lounge. [Photo: Flickr/BBQ Junkie]LAWSUITS — The latest chapter in the fight for survival over at the Gold Dust Lounge (247 Powell) includes a lawsuit filed by proprietors James and Tasios Bovis that the defendant's lawyer calls "straight from the Twilight Zone." Among the chief grievances of the Bovis brothers against Handley Hotels is the allegation of "elder abuse" — specifically, that they were repeatedly deceived by revisions to the lease agreement. [ISSF]

ZOMG CUPCAKES — Supposedly, BabyCakes, a vegan cupcake company based in New York, will bring its cruelty-free treats to the Mission "eventually" after opening a new location in Chicago. But with no official confirmation or indication of real action, file this one under rumormongering for now. [Mission Mission]

DANIEL PATTERSON WIRE — There will be an all-new menu at Coi (373 Broadway) next week, and D-Patt tweets some flavor clues. Looks like there might be items coming such as an asparagus dish with coconut milk and mint, live scallop with blood orange and carrot, and—especially intriguing—popcorn grits. [Twitter]

COMING ATTRACTIONS — Keeping the Cajun party going after Mardi Gras, Behind The Cart's fourth pop-up dinner on March 3 at Old Skool Cafe (1429 Mendell) explores the cooking of New Orleans with a menu that includes such twists as gumbo pot pie and a bread and jam concoction called "Stinky Cheesy Swamp." Tickets are $65 and available via Eventbrite. [EaterWire]


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Gold Dust Lounge

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