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The Hog and Rocks' BBQ Joint Will Be Called Hi-Lo

The architects are working on the first round of permits, and as the dust settles after some name fake-outs last month, Scott Youkilis says his team has chosen an identity for its new Mission BBQ restaurant: Hi-Lo. The moniker is a reference to their focus on cooking methods: slow and low on the smoker and high and hot on the grill. Youkilis says most of the details he shared earlier about the food are still good: there won't be one regional style, per se, but the quality and seasonality of the cooking and meats will become defining characteristics.

Meanwhile you should know barman Scott Beattie is ramping up the booze program with Michael Lazar who came over to Hog & Rocks with him from the aborted Plum Bar project. He says it's been fun working with Youkilis and company on generously sized, high-acid cocktails that "your mouth wants when you bite into some delicious spicy bbq." Things are moving forward at a steady clip, and the hopeful opening as of now is "Juneish."

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3416 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 874-9921 Visit Website


3416 19th St., San Francisco, CA