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Sons & Daughters

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Sons%20%26%20Daughts%20NYC.jpgToday New York's Immaculate Infatuation comes out with its second San Francisco review on Sons & Daughters, which it groups with Animal in Los Angeles, another "badass" West Coast kitchen: "...everyone, clientele included, seems to be...smiling and quietly having a grand old time while Cut Copy and Chromeo faintly play in the background...this is the kind of molecular gastronomy we can get behind...[chefs] McNamara and Moriarty didn’t even have to go to the school of Wylie Dusphrene to learn this stuff, they just googled a bunch of sh*t and learned via trail and error." [Immaculate Infatuation]

Sons & Daughters

Powell Street, , CA 94108 (415) 994-7933 Visit Website

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