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Signs of Life At Koko Cocktails' New Hi-Lo Club

Well this exciting. Remember how Koko Cocktails was forced to close, and then went out with a hopeful plan to come back as Hi-Lo Club? The first signs of new life are coming in from the Twitterverse, as co-owner Justin Mulford reveals a picture of the "nice wood floors" at the team's new Polk Street space. It looks like the new concept is moving toward reality, but please don't confuse this Hi-Lo with the similarly named (and spelled) forthcoming Mission BBQ spot. Both owners landed on this precise spelling because the letters look good together, and they've got graphic design in mind. (Read: good-looking logos are en route.)

Hi-Lo Club's people also chose the name because it exemplifies the Koko style they'll carry on here: well-crafted, interesting cocktails priced as low as possible, and genius concoctions like the TL Standoff: a Fernet shot and coke back, followed by a tequila shot and beer back. High meets low. See? If the Twitters are any indication, we can expect more fun from these guys in the coming year.

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Hi-Lo Club

1423 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA