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Bauer Two Stars Daniel Patterson's New Haven

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Last week, SF Weekly's Jonathan Kauffman filed a mostly positive review of Daniel Patterson's newest restaurant Haven in Jack London Square. Since the new spot opened in December, D-Patt groupies and the food obsessed have made pilgrimages from far and wide to try Plate Shop refugee Kim Alter's bold, whole animal and vegetable centric menu. And on Sunday Oakland Mike became the second critic to review Haven, filing an unexpectedly unimpressed two stars:

"The interior feels almost painfully PC, what with the decorative block of wood on each table that holds a single votive, an air plant and a little ramekin of coarse gray sea salt...While the concept is slick, the execution can be a little flaky...Alter has a confident, bold style, but many dishes lack subtlety and finesse, and on one visit I was surprised how many dishes had sweet elements."

The "agressive seasoning" comes through in a bavette steak, shepherd's pie, smoked pasta with egg and bacon and Bauer's "favorite" chicken dish. All told, "While all the elements are in place at Haven to create a dynamic and unified experience, they haven't yet coalesced into a consistent whole."

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44 webster ST., Oakland, CA

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