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Volcom And Its Attractive Sightglass Rip-Off T-Shirt

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Nice-looking Volcom t-shirt, eh? Too bad it's a rather blatant clone of the Sightglass logo that predates it by a few years. Sightglass co-owner Jared Morrison says the mark is a creation of two friends of the company, Brian Scott of Boon Designs and Kyle Blue, the former Dwell mag creative director who now runs ETC design studio out of Brooklyn. Morrisson and his brother, co-founder Jerad Morrisson, sent an electronic cease and desist letter to the powers that be at Volcom two days ago. They have yet to hear back. "Our marks are near and dear to us," adds Morrisson. "We are hoping for acknowledgement and for them to pull the product from their website." It's the highest form of flattery, but it hurts.

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