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Hottest Chef Round 1, Heat 5: Berthold, Hallowell, McNaughton, Lahlou

From left: Jason Berthold, Charlie Hallowell, Thomas McNaughton, Mourad Lahlou. [Photo: manifestownies, Ciaosamin, ISSF, Vancouver Sun]

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgIt's dreary out there today, so let Eater's Annual Hottest Chefs Competition heat things up inside. After last year's performance, it's not too surprising that The Fifth Floor's David Bazirgan eeked out a win in yesterday's battle.

Today, we're bringing you a nail-biter as contest fixtures Jason Berthold of RN74 and Thomas McNaughton of Flour + Water face one another. Then we're tossing in Aziza's smoking Mourad Lahlou, and a wild card: Pizzaiolo's glaringly hot Charlie Hallowell. Let's make it a clean fight, people. Rock the vote.

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