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Noise Pop Unleashes Mission Bowling Club Teaser Menu

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Local indie music outfit Noise Pop is building up the suspense for this year's festival with several notable food collaborations. This Friday and Saturday, it's all about Mission Bowling Club, Soul Groove and ping pong—epic "Berlin-style" ping pong. Back to that first part, Mission Bowling Club chef Anthony Myint will offer a preview of what's in store, and he's passed on the menus for Friday and Saturday nights. You don't need to ask: the Mission Burgers will be making an appearance.

Menu for Friday (2/10)
Mission Burger (granulated patty, caramelized onion, monterey jack, caper aioli)
CA Spring Roll (fresh peas, radishes, cocoa butter, rice, nori)
Sopaipilla (roasted cauliflower, pickled apple, edamame, eggplant)
Buttermilk Pannacotta (chamomile brittle, spring herbs, mint oil)

Menu for Saturday (2/11)
Spring CA Roll (fresh peas, radishes, cocoa butter, rice, nori)
Jerk Pork Shoulder (smoked, with black beans, sour cream, plantain flatbread)
Vegan Sandwich (chickpea, kale & shitake fritter, topped with fennel and spicy avocado)
Babamisu (mascarpone stuffed baba with espresso bubbles)

Both nights will also feature brand new top secret menu items from Soul Groove, makers of the fried-chicken-waffle-sandwich. "Pairings" will be provided by Stoli, Hudson Whiskey, Trumer Pils and Fernet-Branca. Naturally, there's a live DJ involved too. Buy $5 tickets for Friday here, and Saturday here.

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Anthony Myint, hard at work. [Photo: Mission Mission]