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GQ Plans the Perfect Napa "Brocation"

 The Bounty Hunter, perfect for dudes.
The Bounty Hunter, perfect for dudes.
Photo: Napa Downtown

Today GQ introduces a new ongoing online feature called Eats Athletic Club, devoted to food that men like to eat together. Their first "brocation" is in wine country, where they discover "there's more to Napa than The French Laundry." To begin with, the GQ man can go to Mustard's Grill for a Mongolian pork chop, so he's not that "guy passed out in the back of a limo by 4 p.m." Overall, their picks span a mixed bag of high and low: from the perfectly mannish Bounty Hunter to Main Street's new local fave, Cook, to Meadowood, because "you'll have no problem getting in...[and] we find just as enjoyable as French Laundry." One glaring omission? Redd Wood, Richard Reddington's new pizza/pasta restaurant should have made it in for the name alone, but seriously its menu is probably perfect for large groups of grown men traveling together, no?

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