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Mixt Greens Gets A Makeover, Plans to Expand

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If you've noticed changes at "eco-gourmet salad" purveyor Mixt Greens over the past few years, that's because the company was bought out by a Swiss private equity firm in 2009, as Inside Scoop reports. Disappointed by a slip in quality that didn't align with their vision, founders Andrew Swallow and David Silverglide have reacquired the business with big plans for the coming year. Chef Swallow has already reworked the ingredient lists at all four San Francisco locations, so everything is coming from within 150 miles again, and there's a map just like this displayed on the wall at each branch to prove it.

Farms like Petaluma Poultry, Happy Boy, Capay and Full Belly are now back in the rotation. In-store marketing materials and compostable packaging have gotten facelifts too. Swallow and Silverglide also have expansion on the brain, with a SoMa branch planned for 2013 and new outposts in the works around Berkeley, Palo Alto and Los Angeles. They've also got a top secret new busines idea en route, which should be ready for prime time in the coming months.

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Mixt Greens

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