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Charlie Palmer Announces Burritt Tavern & Mystic Hotel

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Today a press release explains what Charlie Palmer is going to do with The Crescent Hotel. We know he's keeping the Burritt Room, but what we didn't know is that the planned adjoining restaurant will be called Burritt Tavern, with a speakeasy-style redesign. From the release: "Six walled-in and curtained booths create dark corners for private conversations and the menu recalls the days of private clubs: classic food like steaks and chops done right."

Palmer puts in the requisite plugs for seasonal and local ingredients here, then goes on to describe the changes in store for the actual hotel side of things. Over the next few months it shall morph into Mystic Hotel. “I want to bump up the luxury," says Palmer. The 16 largest rooms facing Stockton St. will be turned into junior suites with day beds or pull-out couches and mini bars with classier things to eat. Think artisanal pretzels in lieu of ROLD GOLD®. The renovated hotel and restaurant should debut some time in early April, and the hotel will remain open throughout the renovations.

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Burrit Tavern at the Mystic Hotel

417 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA