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To The Rescue For Gold Dust Lounge: Supervisor Olague

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Photo: Flickr/keaneiscool

Another glimmer of hope surfaces today for the Gold Dust Lounge in its moves to fight off an Express chain outpost. At yesterday's board meeting, Supervisor Christina Olague proposed a moratorium on conversions in Union Square to "prevent the displacement of locally-owned restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues by the highest bidders." This comes days after landlord John Handlery filed a routine lawsuit against Gold Dust Lounge for sticking around after its eviction date. At the same time, the bar's lawsuit against Handlery and its push for historic landmark status are still awaiting resolution. Gold Dust is asking supporters to show up for the meeting at City Hall with the Historic Preservation Society on March 21st and "Be assured there will be a celebration in the bar that night." The Gold Dust Lounge's demise may not be as sure as it once seemed.

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Gold Dust Lounge

247 Powell St., San Francisco, CA