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Cellar Door Eyes Best in Santa Cruz, More

Cellar Door in Santa Cruz. [Photo: Flickr Pool/chez pim]

CHEF SHUFFLES — Ryan Shelton is now on a bid to make Bonny Doon's Cellar Door the "best restaurant in Santa Cruz." To that end, Shelton has left his chef de cuisine post at Baume and longtime working relationship with Baume's Bruno Chemel; the pair also cooked at Chez TJ. [ISSF]

THE SHUTTER — There have been no cactus burritos to be had in the Upper Haight ever since the surprise closure of El Balazo (1654 Haight) last month. Now that the burrito shop's sketchy past with hiring undocumented workers is resurfacing, what was thought to be a mystery might be close to being solved. [Uppercasing]

AWARDS SEASON — When the James Beard Foundation announces the finalists for its annual honors on March 19 at 11 a.m., Eater National will bring it in full streaming glory, live from Las Vegas. It at least has the potential to be more exciting than the Oscars if you don't watch any movies and like to eat out a lot. [~ EN ~]

CANNABIS BEAT — O.G. dispensary Berkeley Patients' Group, the city's largest, is caving to Federal pressure and closing on May 1. The property is on the market for $2.55 million. [Berkeleyside]

BANH MI WIRE — Perhaps threatened by today's arrival of Vietnamese sandwiches at Duc Loi, the new neighborhood Quickly has thrown up a big deal. There, in addition to three million bubble teas, one can buy three banh mi of questionable quality for $10. [Mission Mission]


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Cellar Door

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