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Sauce Ready On Belden, Blue Bottle Castro OUT

There is a Sauce on Belden Lane now. [Photo: Sauce]

EXPANSIONWIRE — Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Sauce has opened a second location (56 Belden Place). On March 17, there will be Irish Car Bombs, $4 Bud tall-backs, and festive beer coozies for the first 100 people purchasing. Do it. Get Sauce-d. [EaterWire]

COFFEE BUZZ — The last hurrah of Blue Bottle Coffee's Castro kiosk will be on March 18. The closure will allow the company to make more frequent appearances at pop-up events. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION — Fresh & Easy has been approved to set up stakes at the old DeLano's (1245 S Van Ness), but there's a Planning Commission-issued catch. In response to community concerns, the grocer can only carry beer and wine—no hard liquor. [Mission Local]

QUOTE OF THE DAY — Michael Ellis, the executive chef at the new stripper-studded Penthouse Club & Steakhouse (412 Broadway), has stars in his eyes — and it's not for the dancers. "I want to get a Michelin star, and it’s going to be a challenge, a big challenge," says the Dry Creek Kitchen alum. "If we don’t get one, I won’t see it as a failure." [ISSF]

Blue Bottle Café

66 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103


56 Belden Place, San Francisco, CA