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This Weekend: "Deep-Fried McCoppin;" Robot Cocktail Servers; All Jack-in-the-Box, All the Time

Photo: DeliciousBaby

TENDER NOB - GrubStreet discovers a Kickstarter video from the Farm:Table, a miniscule yet posh Tenderloin cafe that's trying to raise money for a parklet. [GrubStreet]

FOOD TRUCKS - NBC Bay Area discovers "Deep Fried McCoppin," an Off the Grid event wherein five different food trucks will bring their most delicious, best-selling fried items to McCoppin Alley from 5 to 8 p.m. Fried Twinkies, chicken katsu tortas, and fried macaroni and cheese are all planning to attend. [NBC]

THE RICHMOND - After what feels like years of controversy, community meetings and DOH shutterings, nothing is really different at the infamous Jack-in-the-Box in the Richmond. SFist reports that they're back to being open for 24 hours, contingent on better staff training and two security guards. [SFist]

THE MISSION - Maybe fans of Udupi Palace should try the owners new coastal Indian seafood restaurant, Gajalee. It might be open as soon as next week in the former Maharaja space at 525 Valencia Street. [GrubStreet]

SOMA - Homemade robots will make the cocktails at at a fundraiser for RoboGames, taking place tonight and tomorrow night at pariSoma Innovation Lofts. Attendees who pay $15 at the door can drink cosmos, white Russians and martinis—all of them served by robot servers trying to cover up their painfully retro drinks with futuristic cocktail tricks. [SFoodie]


525 Valencia Street, San Francisco , CA 94110


754 Post St., San Francisco, CA