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Nob Hill Has Food Trucks Now

You'd expect Nob Hill's Chameleon Cafe (1299 Pacific Ave.) to offer bagel sandwiches and free wi-fi, but now a tipster says they've got food trucks too. The informant has witnessed various mobile food vendors parked outside for the past few Thursdays. Exhibit A would be this picture, showing Pizza Pollitana in action last night. And a cafe worker on duty today said there have been burger and taco trucks available on prior Thursdays, although she didn't remember the specific names of the trucks. The tipster adds, "it's nice because you can buy wine inside to pair and they have outdoor seating if you can handle the cold."

Anyone else tried on Chameleon's truck experience for size? Do tell it in the comments.

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The Chameleon Cafe

1299 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA