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Criolla Kitchen Closed For Time Being

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 [Photo: Eaterwire/Tom Kelly
[Photo: Eaterwire/Tom Kelly


The Castro's Criolla Kitchen is temporary closed. This photo, which was snapped yesterday, states that the restaurant is shuttered due to issues beyond their control. Earlier this year came the news that Criolla would change directions with chef Randy Lewis streamlining the menu and focusing on dinner only.

At the beginning of the month, Tablehopper reported the concepts new name, Parish Eleven, along with details of preview dinners taking place every Monday night starting March 12. Although chef Lewis had always planned on closing the restaurant Tuesdays for construction, the current closure seems due to something else entirely. Eater is waiting for an update from the chef, but in the meantime if you have any word, do let us know.

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2295 Market Street, San Francisco, CA