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A First Look Inside West of Pecos

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The Mission's new Santa Fe inspired restaurant West of Pecos is coming together at 550 Valencia St. Remember the owners here are the MacNiven brothers, who also own Woodhouse Fish Company, and the whole concept has grown out of their life-long family trips down south. Today, Dylan MacNiven brings word of the new executive chef hire: Santa Fe native Leo Varos, who has worked at many of the restaurants the MacNiven boys modeled the restaurant after, and was last seen at The O’Keeffe Café. MacNiven says the food will focus on Southwestern dishes, some Texas barbecue, and local, sustainable ingredients. Most of the other details on the menu and cocktail lists are still coming together, but you can take a first look inside right now via the photo gallery above.

At this point, the remnants of the former Bombay Bazar—three gaping skylights and original 1907 wood floors—have now been filled in with items salvaged in the Santa Fe area. A 100-year-old tobacco barn has been turned into a bar top and tables. Heavy reclaimed doors have been touched up with natural turquoise and brick red tones. Tin lines the bars, and round wrought iron chandeliers hang from the ceilings. It's all very rustic, and wooden with lots of Southwestern flair.

When West of Pecos opens, there will be a central open kitchen, 50-seat dining area, 50-seat semi-private dining area, and additional seating in the bar. "We want this to be the kind of gathering place groups of people can come to casually, without having to make a reservation two months in advance," said MacNiven. As of now the opening is planned for late April.

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West of Pecos

550 Valencia Street, , CA 94110 (415) 252-7000 Visit Website

West of Pecos

550 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA