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Delfina Pizzeria Parklet, Guest Chef to San Francisco

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PARKLET WIRE - Above is a rendering of Pacific Heights' very first parklet, currently being installed right in front of Pizzeria Delfina on California Street. Expect it to be released to the public towards the end of next week along with more detail as to how exactly it will be incorporated into the restaurant. [EaterWire]

FIRST WORD - The East Bay's only restaurant that brings in a new chef every week, Guest Chefmay be expanding to San Francisco. If the owner decides to inhabit the 2,500-square-foot space he owns on Seventh and Mission, there will be a reality TV show too. “Every two weeks people’s dreams are on display, which is compelling at some level," he says. [Biz Times via ISSF]

COCKTAIL WIRE - Local cocktail writer Camper English put together this fun collection of things San Francisco has to look forward to on the drinks front. Along with 100-mile-radius drink menus, cocktail party pop-ups and the end of the bibilically long cocktail list, he notes barman Scott Beattie is everywhere. "Can one bartender be a trend?" [The Bold Italic]

EXPANSION WIRE - Oakland-based Hodo Soy Beanery is blowing up. Not only is it now on the menu at Nancy Silverton's Short Order in Los Angeles and available at many Whole Foods, it is also now in stock at three Bay Area Costco stores. Notable TBA changes are also in the works at the Ferry Building kiosk. Artisan, handmade tofu—so hot right now. [EaterWire]


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Pizzeria Delfina

2406 California St., San Francisco, CA