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Thermidor Closes, S?w Pop-Up Readies, and More

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THE SHUTTER - Thermidor was closed all weekend. The OpenTable is cut off, and the voicemail is turned off. Doesn't sound good. [ISSF]

POP-UPS- S?w is a new "inspired made-to-order juice" biz, hoping to start popping up at Pause Wine Bar this spring. The owners are two Blue Bottle workers who want to make locally sourced juice a thing. Check out their website and Kickstarter fund here. [EaterWire]

NIGHT MARKET - Ken Ken Ramen is hosting an Asian night market in the noodle factory next door on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights this week. According to Mission Mission there are already almost 20 food, art and clothing vendors expected to be there hawking away. [Mission Mission]

THE MISSION - Due to technical issues, Arizmendi Bakery is closed until Wednesday. [Mission Loc@l]

GUS MURAD WIRE - Now that Gus Murad has sold Medjool and Giant Value, he's free to do other things, like seed a pot dispensary right next door to Medjool at 2520 Mission. The Examiner notes it would provide respite care for the gay Hispanic community, although it's not a great time to be getting involved with marijuana these days, what with the Feds cracking down and all. [Examiner]

CHEF SHUFFLES - Patrick Kelly, the chef who earned Napa's Angele three Bauer stars, has left the building. The owners have already replaced him with Scott Ekstrom, who worked for four years with Daniel Boulud at Boulud's in New York. [ISSF]

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