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Here Comes William Werner's Mission Patisserie

Just in over the EaterWire is a digital press release of sorts from pastry man William Werner with teaser images for his newest patisserie concept, slated to open around May in the Mission. To briefly recap the story of Werner's past few years: shortly after leaving Quince, Werner revealed his plans for Tell Tale Preserve Company, a pop-up pastry shop and ferry building farmers market stall with big plans to become a brick-and-mortar patisserie backed by The Whisk Group. When Whisk CEO Mark Weiss' oddly disappeared, Werner quickly turned around a new and somewhat mysterious hospitality group, Outfit Generic. Now today, the group's plan becomes clearer as we get pictures of the interior build out for its first patisserie concept, a logo (after the hop), and an ETA.

Manifest%20logo.jpgWerner adds that Outfit Generic partner Josh Chen is involved in the design aspects of the new business, and he's "been talking to Jim Zack." Tell Tale fans can expect some old favorites like the rebel within to be on the menu. Werner clarifies that both sweet and savory offerings will be in the pastry case, including chocolates, pâtes de fruits, homemade brittle and other such confections. There's an expansive bakery on site, and there will be a sit-down element to the cafe. We can also expect teas from Outfit Generic partners Naivetea to be offered. Look for more on the name and location as the patisserie opening nears.

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