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El Huarache Loco Now Open in Marin Country Mart

Today Veronica Salazar's El Huarache Loco becomes the first La Cocina-incubated business to graduate to full-blown, brick-and-mortar-dom. As mentioned back in October, the restaurant will be a fast-casual one in the Marin County Mart with just under 50 seats plus tables and chairs outside in the Larkspur sunshine. For those who are saying huarache-wha?, a huarache is a Mexico City street cuisine staple: basically a flat piece of bean-stuffed masa, adorned with various meats, vegetables and salsas, see?

Salazar has run a stall religiously at Alemany Market for five years now, amassing quite a following. The new restaurant allows her to build on her success with tortillas and salsas made in-house daily, and the band-width to branch into many regional dishes. Salazar's family has been running a restaurant in Mexico City for 45 years, so she has a wealth of memories and recipes to pull from for inspiration. Take a look at the lengthy and exciting new menu here. Now you can visit the restaurant daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and tell Eater all about it right here .

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El Huarache Loco

1803 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur, CA