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More on St. Vincent, David Lynch's New Wine Tavern

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Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux

Today there's more to share on the late Spring advent of St. Vincent. To begin with, chef Bill Niles—who, you'll recall, comes from Bar Tartine—says he's nailing down the specifics of a "simple, seasonal, yet modern and creative" approach to wine tavern food. Since the concept is the love child of sommelier David Lynch, wine will be of equal if not greater focus than the food. Niles menu will play into that with French, Italian and British influences, and he worked in the Philadelphia area before moving to San Francisco, so a take on the classic Philly-style pretzel will definitely available. Other items mentioned: a beef shank filled with "deviled" marrow that's whipped with foie, a mixed roast plate of aged lamb cuts, and a seasonal take on the classic British dessert, spotted dick. Also: an in-house bread program.

Lynch has passed on the logo you see here, designed by family friend and graphic designer, Megan Brady. The name comes from the various St. Vincent wine festivals in Burgundy, and a desire to represent a deep connection to wine without being cliche about it. While the wine list will include global offerings, beers will all come direct from local breweries due to beer's "more perishable" nature. Eight brews will be served on tap, and beer director Sayre Piotrkowski (formerly of Monk's Kettle) will weave his curations in amongst the wine list categories, according to the vinous qualities they resemble best.

While Gi Paoletti builds out a white-tiled open kitchen, Lynch is repurposing many of the former Heart wine bar materials to recreate the space. Old tables will form the wooden sign outside and benches along the walls. Former plywood from the wall decorations will be made into tabletops, and a huge installation of wine cabinetry is being crafted to form a major focal point at the front of the restaurant. Forest green walls, a zinc bar top and lots of wood surfaces will warm and soften the space. All together there will be "60 something" seats with a six-seat kitchen counter.

Wondering if Chris Kronner is really still involved? Lynch says he's advising from afar, providing a sounding board, and that he deserves a finders fee for putting him in touch with the talented Niles, alone. "We'll probably have to pay him in beer though," he adds, smiling.

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St Vincent

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St. Vincent

1270 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA