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The Ritz-Carlton Is Probably Going Up For Sale

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ON THE MARKET - The Biz Times reveals The Ritz-Carlton, 336 rooms and all, will probably go up for sale "before the end of March." As you know, a multi-million remodel of the lounge, fitness center and restaurant, Parallel 37, was just completed, and the newspaper adds "San Francisco’s hotel market is the strongest in the country." The Ritz could draw between $165 million or $500,000 a room. [SFBT]

8 WASHINGTON - The 8 Washington Project that's supposed to go in across from Charles Phan's forthcoming Cajun restaurant has run into a hiccup. The Planning Commission's voting process has been delayed due to errors in public noticing, but developers say they "will not be deterred." [SFBT]

EXPANSION WIRE - Food Gal has news that Shabuway, which already has three outposts south of San Francisco, will be opening three more: one in San Francisco’s shabu land a.k.a. the Richmond, the second in Union City, and the third in Santa Clara on El Camino Real. [Food Gal]

SOMA REDEV - WSJ has the skinny on a huge development project at the 26-floor Art Deco building at 140 New Montgomery St. Approval has been gained to retrofit it for earthquakes, and modernize the structure to eventually house tech start-ups, venture-capital firms and possibly two restaurants. The building is estimated to be ready for occupancy in summer of 2013 and "chefs and restaurateurs have indicated an interest in the larger retail space." [WSJ]

QUOTE OF THE DAY - Thomas Keller, on how his job has changed through the years: "What I do is like a sports franchise—I'm seen as a chef but I'm more coach-owner of my restaurants now. A chef is in the restaurant every day...I make suggestions, but my job is to hire the right people, train them properly, mentor them...Much as I'd like to be back in the kitchen, physically, it's a young-person's game. I did it until I was 50. Once Per Se opened, I ceased being a chef de cuisine and became chef-owner—I worked myself out of a job." [WSJ]

The Ritz-Carlton

600 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA