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Jasper's Patron Inflicts High Heel Head Wound, Sends General Manager to Emergency Room

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First it was thieves stealing shot glasses, and now it's women smacking bar employees with high heels. That's right, just up on the Jasper's Corner Tap twitter feed is this image of a woman that sent general manager Matthew Meidinger to the ER on Saturday night with one very high-impact shoe smack. He explains: "This drunk woman cracked my skull with the heel of her shoes. Spent the night in the ER." And he elaborates: "This woman smashed me in the head with her heels then jumped in a cab." Anyone out there know anything about this woman (pictured)? Was she angry? Flirting? Do we think she's a tourist? Or does she live just around the corner? Meidinger is offering a $500 reward for more information. That is all. [Update: Take a look at Meidinger's update: It all went down outside Balboa Cafe in the Marina.]

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