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Rickhouse Team's New Local Edition Opens Tomorrow

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According to the gents of UrbanDaddy, the owners of Bourbon & Branch/Rickhouse will be opening their Market Street spinoff Local Edition tomorrow. The name plays with the fact that this space—at a gargantuan 5,500 square feet—used to be the publishing floor for The Examiner, and visual cues like leftover typewriters and vintage newspapers will create a constant reminder amongst the decor. Interior design has been anything but an afterthought for the bars in this cache, and Local Edition is no exception. There's a stage inside for live jazz and other acoustics. Marble from Hearst Castle forms the bar top and several low tables.

The bar program will be much like the ones at The Wilson and Rickhouse with extra emphasis on mod-era drinks. Tablehopper mentions a Singapore sling riff with mezcal, for example. You can make a reservation a la Bourbon & Branch, or just walk in a la Rickhouse. Since there will be some table service, the operation sounds a bit like what the owners' other project, Mr. Lew's Win Win, is currently turning into. Local Edition may open as early as 4 p.m. tomorrow for happy hour. Check out the website and do drop early thoughts in the comments should you feel so inclined.

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[Photo: Urban Daddy]

Local Edition

691 Market St., San Francisco, CA