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Ame, Nojo, Tacolicious On Board For Taste of Potrero

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 The Bon Vivants bartending at last year's event
The Bon Vivants bartending at last year's event
Photo: Ashleigh Reddy

Coming up in almost exactly one month is the second annual Taste of Potrero school fundraiser, which is not a bakesale. Following up last year's all star cast of restaurant industry characters, the parents of students at Daniel Webster Elementary School have recruited the likes of Ame, Mission: Local Eatery, Nojo, Piccino, and Tacolicious to provide food for ticket holders to the May 10th event.

Drinks will be flowing from bars manned by Comstock Saloon, Homestead, Magnolia Brewery, Anchor and at least six wineries. Tickets are on sale now for $75, and of course there's a VIP $150 ticket option that will get you extra tastes and an exclusive extra preview hour of access from 6 to 7 p.m. Every penny of profit goes towards the DWES public school programs. Check the website for nice things former mayor Art Agnos had to say about the event, and to buy tickets.

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