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Saison Revokes Price Hike

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Saison%20Price%20Hike%20Reversed.jpgRemember that 29% price increase on the Chef's Counter menu at Saison? Yeah, they're not doing that any more, citing Ryan Sutton's Price Hike blog "coverage as an influencing factor." Chef-owner Josh Skenes is also trying to get rid of the SeatMe processing fee, but more pressing issues are probably a priority now. It's been a rough week. [Update: Via SeatMe's rep, re: the processing fee: "Ryan's first post helped alert us to the fact that Saison needed to change the wording on the ticketing page...Saison has been paying for the fees all along; however, the way it was itemized on the ticketing page made it seem that the diner was paying for it. The sole purpose of the processing fee is to cover credit card fees. It is the same fee that Saison would pay through their credit card provider."] [Price Hike]


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