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Local's Corner Dinner, Winemakers for Pot

Local's Corner. [Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux]

THE MISSION — Local's Corner (2500 Bryant) begins dinner service on April 17, and the opening menu, as promised, is heavy on raw and cured seafood dishes. Dishes from the land are limited to a single beef tartare with quail egg and some cheeses, salads, and terrines, but nailing that surf and turf combo is still possible. [Grub Street]

WINE COUNTRY — Oenophilic hijinks abound in Napa as one drinker/stoner/blogger unveils an initiative to regulate marijuana like wine that's currently being given the old college try. Drink 'em if you got 'em. [Tom Wark's Fermentation]

THE EMBARCADERO — The free 4th Annual Goat Fest takes place on April 21 at Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. The "goat gab" with artisan producers of goat products and free sampling and petting will be accompanied by cooking demos from Trace Leighton and Daniel Clayton (Origen) and Adam Dulye (Monk's Kettle). [EaterWire]

SANTA CRUZ — Sir Bauer checks out the Santa Cruz scene chiefly to see what's going on with the newly christened Le Cigare Volant. While down there, he ends up surveying the goods at spots in the greater area including El Palomar and Ristorante Avante and finding a fertile land for vegetarians. [ISSF]


820 Miguel Hidalgo, Centro, Oax. 68000 01 951 501 1764 Visit Website

2500 Bryant, San Francisco, CA