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San Dong Owners Plan Noodle and Burger Express

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Lanzhou Noodle, the LLC behind San Dong House BBQ in the Inner Richmond, has put in for a beer and wine license at 181 Eddy Street, the site of the shuttered Suite 181. The DBA on the application is Noodle and Burger Express, which may or may not end up being the name of the restaurant. For what it's worth, SF Weekly food critic Jonathan Kauffman is a fan of San Dong's hand-stretched noodles, and the burger part remains a mystery. It should also be noted that Lanzhou manager Suhua Zou is listed as the manager of Pandora Karaoke & Bar right next door at 177 Eddy. The liquor license application lists multiple addresses: "173-181 Eddy St." making it appear that Zou will be transforming a good portion of the block for the sake of his burger-noodle bonanza. More on all this upon confirmation from the Lanzhou Noodle people.

Making noodles at San Dong. [Photo: Yelp/aL Z.]

Noodle and Burger Express

181 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA