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Pal's Takeaway Turns Three, Writes a Cookbook

Pal's Takeaway. [Photo: Flickr/slowpoke_taiwan]

THE MISSION — Pal's Takeaway (2751 24th St.) marks its third birthday on April 20 with guest chef creations by Carlo Espinas (Comstock Saloon), breadman Josey Baker, Kat Sacher (Broken Record/Bruno's/Bar Tartine), and OG Pal Dave Knopp. Jeff Mason also reveals that he's beginning Saturday service with an expanded menu on May 1 and writing a cookbook called The Pal's Takeaway Sandwich Construction Manual. [EaterWire]

PRESIDIO — Presidio Social Club (563 Ruger) is doing happy hour with Sloppy Joe sandwiches. Instead of taking place after a work day, Sloppy Hour goes down on Saturdays and Sundays from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. [EaterWire]

NOW OPEN — Molinari Caffe is now bidding to start and end your day in Napa. Rick Molinari went to Greece and Italy for inspiration, and came back serving Nutella-spiked coffee. [Napa Valley Register]

EXPANSIONWIRE — The fifth North Bay location of Avatar's Punjabi Burritos has opened in Fairfax. Sadly, the owner didn't live long enough to see how the concept of Indian/Mexican cuisine has grown even beyond his own family of restaurants. [ISSF]

Broken Record

1166 Geneva Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112 415 963 1713

Pal's Takeaway

2751 24th Street, San Francisco, CA