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Tablehopper and 7x7 Magazine Join Forces

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Since Sara Deseran moved on from 7x7 Magazine to its competitor San Francisco Magazine, people have been wondering who will fill her shoes. Today, Inside Scoop broke the news that her replacement will be Marcia Gagliardi a.k.a. Tablehopper. 7x7 executive editor Chloé Harris Frankeny tells Eater SF they're restructuring things a bit so that they can bring Gagliardi on to act as the regular Eat & Drink section contributing editor. Gagliardi will write a restaurant review and a special column for the magazine each month. Frankeny elaborates, "Marcia is so great. She has a great following to bring to the table."

On that note, Tablehopper fans can rest assured that Marcia will continue her regular weekly Tablehopper column, but expect to see some co-branding with 7x7 in the future. "We'll be sharing some content and it will be great for both of our brands," adds Frankeny.

As Inside Scoop reports, Gagliardi's first 7x7 issue will be the June "Best Of" edition. She will also be blogging for

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