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Meet The Beretta Group's New Mission Spot: Ciudad [with Update]

 Medjool's expansive bi-level interior will be transformed into Ciudad.
Medjool's expansive bi-level interior will be transformed into Ciudad.
Photo: shmoozd

Back in December of last year Eater passed on word that the Beretta Restaurant Group was plotting a Mexican restaurant in the Mission. Then Inside Scoop found out the future location would be at Medjool's prime address. Now it's time to confirm the name: Ciudad. More clarification has also come in on the concept, which has shifted from Mexican to an Argentine grill-centric menu to be served on the ground level of the restaurant. A broader "Latin" menu will be served in the mezzanine level upstairs. And then of course, there's the infamous roofdeck, which has loads of potential. Jim Zack, who designed the group's second and third Super Duper locations in the Marina and the FiDi will spearhead an extensive remodel of the space. Stand by for more details on the concept when Eater hears back from owner Adriano Paganini later today. [Update: Paganini and team say that Ciudad is "a working name," and they'll announce an official moniker once it's finalized. They're gearing up for a late summer opening. At this point, they "have dibs" on the 250-seat dining room space, as well as the rooftop terrace, which adds another 150 or so seats. The theme for the restaurant will be Argentine/Spanish influenced, and the menu revolves around a wide range of meats cooked on a wood-fired grill.]

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Medjool Sky Terrace

2522 Mission Street, San Francisco, California 94110 (415) 550-9055


2522 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA