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Bloodhound's Easter Butcherfest, La Barca OUT

Bloodhound. [Photo: Flickr/Braden Kowitz]

SOMA — Bloodhound (1145 Folsom) timed its next Butcherfest party to fall on Easter Sunday (April 8). Cafe Rouge chef Rick DeBaord will be butchering a whole goat on site as a backdrop to a menu of goat sliders, goat sausage, goat flatbread, and mysterious goat-friendly cocktails. Sounds better than a whole bunny butchery for sure. Tickets are $50 in advance through this here link. [Live Soma]

THE SHUTTER — Adios, La Barca (2036 Lombard), which has now closed as planned after a more-than-respectable 49-year run in San Francisco. Vince Bernard, son of La Barca owner Jimmy Bernard, is among the new team of owners who plan to remodel it into another type of restaurant. [ISSF]

LISTICLES — So mighty are the restaurants that have sprung forth from the loins of The French Laundry alumni, they cannot be contained in one presentation. The main feature profiles young institutions such as Benu, Lincoln, and Noma, while its sequel includes locals like Parallel 37 and Masa's. [~EN~]

COFFEEWIRE — The anticipated opening of Ecco Coffee is moving along at a steady drip. No date for the debut has been offered, which opens up the possibility that it still might be a while, even though it's been a few years already. [SFoodie]


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