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Sam Wo Can Reopen After Major Overhaul

As you know, Sam Wo's owner David Ho is meeting with the Department of Public Health right now to plead the case for his 100-year-old Chinatown restaurant, dangling dangerously on the brink of closure due to numerous health code violations. A few days ago, Ho's daughter Julie told the Chronicle "We're definitely closing for the weekend, but beyond that nothing is definite." Now Bloom TV has tweeted out a picture of Julie and David Ho as they face the officer. (Julie is translating for her father.) How do you think it's going? The restaurant's fate should be decided once and for all in the next hour or so.

[Update: Inside Scoop reports that "priests, hippies, architects and politicians" spoke during the public comment period, and DPH is granting Sam Wo the chance to reopen after completing a "list of things that need to be fixed" (Ho's lack of a handwashing sink and "rodent problems" are mentioned.) There's no timeline yet on when everything will be completed.]

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Sam Wo

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