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Biondivino Wine Bar Enlists Boulette's Larder Chefs

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Biondivino wine shop owner Ceri Smith says her new Polk Street wine bar is just about 58 days from opening. Although the all-day menu is still coming together, you should know that Smith has enlisted Amaryll Schwertner and Laurie Regis, of Boulette's Larder fame, to help with the menu. They're working away on a list of savory bites and specialty breakfast items with a strong emphasis on eggs to be offered in the mornings.

As far as the wines go, there will be an extensive selection of riesling and champagne, as well as sherry and madras. A focused tea and coffee program will include unique selections like Giamaica caffe from Italy.

At go-time, expect the space to seat 28 people on chairs upholstered with distressed patent leather. Marble tables and a burnished gold ceiling will create an "old-world feel with a modern twist." That said, “it shouldn’t be snobby,” says Smith. “You should just be able to drink wine.”

Also still on the to-do list is nailing down a name. Smith is currently taking votes between et al. or RZ, which stands for residual zucar, and is a play on the pharmacy label RX. Do state your case for one of the other in the comments.

--Chloe Schildhause


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