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Guy Fieri's Stolen Lambo Found in Teenager's Possession

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Photo: Eater National

Remember Guy Fieri's Lamborghini? The one that was stolen James Bond-style by a rappelling thief, and last seen driving into oblivion over the Golden Gate Bridge? Welp, the story gets better today. Investigators found Fieri's bright yellow Lambo on Saturday in none other than a 17-year-old boy's storage container in Point Richmond. The teenager's home was being searched because he was under investigation for a similarly racy crime: firing a gun into a parked car whilst riding a motorcycle in all black. The (damn crafty) 17-year-old is currently under arrest—anonymously, as he's a minor.

Today, in an email to The Chron, Guy Fieri thanked the police for their hard work adding that he feels better "knowing that justice is being served." Having his $200,000 baby back definitely doesn't hurt.

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